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Nibox is a unique solution for the emerging markets, that acts as a bridge between predominantly cash income population and a demand for financial services that are only available online.

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At nibox we intend to grow with our users. We are not just a payment platform, we are here to change the way Nigerians transact and utilise financial services.

Our mission

Create a payment ecosystem where both banked or unbanked customers can achieve their financial goals.

Build a reliable infrastructure for cash payments towards digital services in cash dominant economies across Sub-Saharan Africa.

Become an outmost leader in last mile delivery services for financial product—while still building a full online stack to compliment our offline infrastructure.

Our objective
  1. Deploy nibox kiosks in major strategic locations across urban and rural areas so that customer needs an average of 5 min to reach them
  2. Integrate with stretegic merchants for bill payments—covering commercial, bank and government services
  3. Build the most innovative cash-to-digital infrastrucuture in Africa that just works

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Nibox Payment Systems Limited maintains the highest standards of compliance possible in the jurisdiction within which we operate.

NIBOX is PCI DSS SAQ Certified

A PCI Self-Assessment Questionnaire (PCI SAQ) is a merchant's statement of PCI compliance. It's a way to show that company is taking the security measures needed to keep cardholder data secure at your business.

Each SAQ includes a list of security standards that businesses must review and follow.


Digital PayExpo 2018 Innovation Award
Digital PayExpo 2019 Partnership Award