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Nibox is an ecosystem of financial products that are cohesively interlinked to allow all-inclusive access to Nigerians, while providing them with necessary tools for growth into a fully integrated financial user. We are building a multi-channel solution based on a self-service payment kiosk called nibox kiosk.

It is the only fully digital tool for cash acquiring that's present on the market and it allows users to make cash and card payments for over 3000 local services. Either banked or unbanked, customers can store their financial value securely on the nibox wallet, while making fast p2p transfers, earning cash backs, paying bills and more.

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nibox + slogan

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x™ + nibox

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The sign of the brand has a powerful meaning. Simultaneously, this sign was and is a symbol of Independence and Freedom created by the Bono people of Gyaman (medieval Ghana and Ivory Coast), which undoubtedly has a meaning in modern times. Moreover, the sign itself resembles a coin that falls infinitely into the hole in the piggy bank, due to the fact that the coin is cut into two parts it represents an endless movement and an endless stream of money and is a symbol of wealth and an unending source.

The logo can be used as a font version or only a sign with a trademark icon and a slogan underneath—together the sign and the logo are only allowed in this combination, other combinations and logo blocking are not allowed.

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